FiveDiamonds PR – that’s my baby! A small but fine public relations agency that has made it its business to establish contacts for and with artists and creative people, to create synergies, to pull the appropriate strings in the right places und thus to decide what the current talk of town is.

That’s what I enjoy the most. I want to work creatively and as part of a team to achieve the best PR result for my clients.

And – you need to feel good about it!

My great passion is music. And even though I have a wide variety of interest and have already tried out many things, my love of music runs like a thread through my life. After successfully completing my training as an advertising saleswoman, I couldn’t resist the tempting call of the media industry and fell for the madness right away: what followed was an adventure that has now lasted almost 20 years and that took me, among other things, to MTV’s garden sheds in Munich and Universal Music’s Eierspeicher on the Spree, on to a small delicatessen business, also in Berlin, through many freelance jobs and then back to Universal Music. Most recently I worked there as Senior Manager PR / TV Promotion & Brand Partnerships with great artists, some of whom I am still working for or at least connected with today.

But – to be creative, keep your freedom and fulfill your dreams, you have to be brave, so in July 2019, I started my own agency!

FiveDiamonds PR

Great artists like Adel Tawil, the prestigious project Ku’Damm 56 – The Musical or the PR-medial alignment of the 40th birthday of Germany’s most popular little witch Bibi Blocksberg, but also beauty-, food- or lifestyle-brands are among the projects my heart beats for at the moment.

However, my competencies are no longer limited to classic PR for television, but also include consulting, development of strategies as well as complete PR concepts and much more.

Furthermore, I support artists as a management and am currently expanding my portfolio with my competencies as an artist coach.

The support of artists and events on location, a great network consisting of creatives, artists and service providers, as well as a high degree of flexibility enable me to meet the most diverse requirements of the media industry.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!



Stargarder Str. 61
10437 Berlin

+49 172 458 30 72

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